The Arc Finix is Electric Transportation Reimagined.


It has been designed from the ground up to push the boundaries of what an electric longboard can achieve. 

Streamlined Unibody Design

The Arc Finix features a brand new, streamlined unibody design. The battery packs and electronics are housed securely within the deck for a robust riding experience, and the deck construction provides an extremely stable platform when riding at speed.

Swappable Battery Packs

Each Arc Finix comes with two battery packs that provide a total of 266WH worth of juice, and is designed to be user swappable for extended (unlimited) rides.

Powered by the Arc Fusion Drive

The Arc Finix is powered by two Arc Fusion Drives in a diagonal configuration for a powerful, balanced drive output in a lightweight drivetrain setup.

The Arc Fusion Drive has been designed to incorporate a very low rolling resistance with a torquey, satellite motor setup to combine amazing power with unbelievable range.


Range: 30-50km (19-31 miles) 

Top Speed: 45km/h (28 mph)

Incline: Up to 25% grade

Weight: 8.5kg (18.7lbs) 

Dimensions: 96cm x 25cm (38" x 9.5")

Wheel Size: 97mm or 90mm

Battery: Double Swappable Battery Packs 

Power System: Double Arc Fusion Drive